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Whether your needs are

sewing, screen printing

or custom digitizing,

you will be sure to

find everything

you need from

our helpful staff.

Regular Store Hours
MON-FRI: 10am - 5pm
SAT: 10am - 1pm
SUN: Closed
Distributors for Delong & Rock Creek Athletics


  Vinyl $184.95
  Leather $224.95
  XS-XL Available, Plus Sizes Up to
 5X Available


  Back:  $69.95 & up
   Shields:   $32.95 & up
   Sports#:  $38.95 & up
    Class of: $38.95 & up
   (sewing included)


   Award Symbols
   (sewing included)

  Patch Sewing


  Add An Additional:

  2XL:   10%
   3XL:   20%
   4XL:   30%
   Long: 10%


  Full Name $8.00
first Name $5.50
    $6.00 Each
    Additional Line

 School Letters

single $36.95

double $39.95


  Quilted Lining

   Sailor Collar

  Shirt Collar
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